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Integration into ChurnZero

ChurnZero is a customer success management software. Being able to sync customer feature requests to ChurnZero accounts would enable the Customer Success team to have a view into customer-related features.
Aidan Parisian 10 months ago in API 0 Future consideration

Update API integrations with JIRA to add Created Date and Resolved Date

We would like to be able to map the created date as well as the resolved date to fields within aha from JIRA.
Guest over 1 year ago in API / Jira 1 Future consideration

Aha! API Entity Relationship Diagram/Data Model Documentation

Hi Aha! We would like to have a full understanding on how the various Aha! API endpoints ( relate to each other. Understood there is some customer facing documentation that explains the high-level of the Aha! Data Model. The...
Mike Champlin 2 months ago in API 0 Future consideration

Add API support for adding and removing Custom Roles

Under partial API support was added to custom user roles. However this is report only whne the user object is returned. Without the ability to set and unset these custom roles on a user via an API, I'd asser...
Nigel Lawrence 8 months ago in API 0 Future consideration

Integration with MixPanel

Mixpanel would be a useful product to integrate with.
Daniel Megson 5 months ago in API 1 Future consideration

DevOps integration - Allow to react to "Delete" Webhooks

As our amount of projects and work items increase, having one "source of truth" is increasingly important. It's therefore important that we can also remove DevOps items and reflect that change back to Aha via Webhooks, by removing any "false" reco...
Michael Scholze about 1 year ago in API 0 Future consideration

REST API indicates if the given field is added to the create and/or view layout

Currently there's no way to determine if the given custom field is display in the create or view layout.
Tomasz Zarna about 1 year ago in API 0 Future consideration

REST API indicates if custom field is read-only

Currently, the REST API doesn't indiciate if the given custom field has been defined as read-only or not. Here's a sample field definition for a read-only field as returned from `/api/v1/products/{productId}` {"id": "7002184427275897244","key": "k...
Tomasz Zarna over 1 year ago in API 0 Future consideration

see who else is in the workspace

It would be useful to see who else is currently "in" your workspace
Danielle Martinez 14 days ago in API 2 Future consideration

Ability to create custom_pivot reports programatically

I have created one custom_pivot report from the UI. Now I'd like to duplicate this report 20 times and change one value in one filter. Is there a way to do this through the API? Something that would allow me to export a custom_pivot definition as ...
Guest 3 months ago in API 0 Future consideration