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Created on Jan 31, 2024

Proposing a transition from IP-based to token-based API rate limiting

Who would benefit?

I am writing on behalf of Unito, a platform dedicated to enabling seamless two-way synchronization between various software tools. We are actively working on expanding our integrations and are enthusiastic about incorporating the Aha tool into our offering.

We have observed that the existing rate limit of 300 API calls per minute, as outlined at Aha API Rate Limiting, is proving to be a bottleneck. This limit, applied per source IP, impacts the quality of service we can provide to our shared users, and leads to a poor user experience for our customers and takes away the magic of two-way synchronization. A rate limit by token would make more sense for a service such as ours.

This modification would be advantageous for a diverse range of Aha API consumers, including individual developers, small startups, large corporations, and integration platforms like Unito. It would provide flexibility and scalability to any service or application that relies on Aha's API for data synchronization and integration.

What impact would it make?

Moving to a token-based rate limit system would allow for more tailored data synchronization, addressing the specific needs and usage patterns of different users. This shift would not only enhance the reliability and efficiency of integrations but also significantly reduce synchronization delays and improve data accuracy. Such improvements are crucial for real-time data operations, ensuring that users receive the most current and correct information, thereby elevating the overall user experience across various applications and services.

How should it work?

Each access token, rather than each IP address, would have its own API call limit, thus providing a more flexible and user-centric approach to API consumption. From a technical standpoint, this modification is a feasible and scalable solution. Implementing token-based limits aligns with current best practices in API management, offering a straightforward adjustment for Aha's existing infrastructure. This approach not only accommodates the diverse needs of different users and integration scenarios but also ensures that synchronization remains effective and efficient regardless of the scale or scope of use.

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