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Create templates for master features

It would allow us to provide guidance for Master Feature creators on what sections to fill out. These sections have been agreed upon by stakeholders to make sure sufficient information is included for every instance. Similar functionality is alre...
Alex B almost 3 years ago in Epic 11 Future consideration

Display and Report on Master Features and Features simultaneously

A number of our Product Managers had started using Master Features for their ability to combine Features that were more detailed than required for high level Roadmaps. However we quickly learned that viewing and reporting on Master Features and F...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Epic 10 Future consideration

Inherit Master Feature Initiative to related Features

Would be helpful to have the Initiative value inherited from the Master Feature to the related Features
cheryl fetchko almost 2 years ago in Epic 1 Future consideration

Prioritize master features within initiative

When viewing the details of an initiative (or master feature), it would be helpful to see the child-master features (or features) sorted by priority order rather than alphabetical order. That way, the child records wouldn't necessarily have to be ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Epic 0 Future consideration

Show master features alongside features in roadmaps

Features are planned at various levels. Sometimes you need to show a mix of master features and features in a single timeline.However since master features can have features in multiple releases, it is not possible to group features by release AND...
Austin Merritt over 1 year ago in Epic / Roadmaps 1 Shipped

Allow different types of Master Features

We use Master Features a few different ways: A group of related features A use case that requires work (features) from different products. A feature that will be implemented in different products at different times (each of those would be a...
Julia Doyle over 1 year ago in Epic 1 Future consideration

Estimate field defaultable to 'Calculated From Features'

We want all of our features' estimates to roll up to their epics. As it is now, when we create new epics, we need to go and set that and it gets missed a lot.
Kevin Winn over 2 years ago in Epic 4 Future consideration

Allow features to be shown (grouped) under the master feature view within the Features Board.

By adding grouped features to the Master Feature view this would allow users to see which features are within their master features, and allow drag and drop of features between master features. The display of features is currently not an optio...
Guest about 1 year ago in Epic 2 Future consideration

Global prioritization of all Master Features

As part of our strategic planning process, we want to prioritize all Master Features (irrespective of product line/product) in our entire portfolio. Right now, there's no way drive prioritization at this level. We need to stack rank and prioriti...
Kirstin Maurer over 2 years ago in Epic 2 Future consideration

Copying an epic should also copy the associated Features.

Currently, if I want to copy a Master Feature, I must copy the Master Feature, then copy each associated Feature and map them to the Master Feature. This is time consuming and doesn't make a lot of sense.
doug evans over 1 year ago in Epic 2 Future consideration