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Show More auto-expanded by querystring keyword

Descriptions (on Epics, Workspaces, etc) are often limited in size and require expansion by pressing Show More. Users reading key pages may miss valuable information by failing to click Show More. ASK: Provide a querystring keyword (i.e. ?expan...
Guest 1 day ago in  0 Future consideration

Notify users on Slack when they are tagged in Aha! through slack integration

Right now - when tagging someone in Aha! it links the user on Aha! to the comment e.g.Comment by XXX@YYY (link to user in Aha!) ....But it is useless to have it that way - it would be much nicer if the tagging on the comment in Aha! corresponded s...
Nir Soffer 1 day ago in Slack 0 Future consideration

Lower Shipped Epics in Drop Down Lists

After you've been using Aha! for a while, the number of epics builds up. This can be come a hinderence when you are looking to add a feature to an epic and the drop down list has dozens of results.After speaking with Aha! engineers, it was pointe...
Guest 1 day ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Epic filtering on Strategy Roadmaps

It would be really useful to be able to filter at the Epic level on the strategic roadmap. The current filters (i.e. release settings > show parking lot) only apply to the initiatives. For example, we have cases where items are in the parking l...
Guest 2 days ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Remove admin first last name from Admin Response notification email

Currently, when an Admin Response is setup on an idea, it does not show the issuing admin's name in the portal UI like a public comment would. It is unfair to include their name in the email address of the resulting email notification. This potent...
Dan Green 2 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

SSO: Keep email and password authentication login for sys admins as fallback

Allow admins to login outside of SSO for any issues that may arise
Guest 2 days ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Estimate Points on Requirement used for Parent Feature Remaining Effort should flip to 0 once set to Will not Do

Feature 1 is created in Aha* Effort = pull from child RequirementsFeature 1 is pushed to ADORequirement 1 is created in ADO* Linked up as a child of Feature 1* Effort = 3p* Completed Points = 0p* Remaining Points = BLANKAha is automatically updat...
Alex B 2 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Complete by date (internal) should have an option to be set by the end date range in an initiative

I manage over 50 release dates in my workspace and we are not a Product team so we don't have an internal or external date of a release. When the release is done, it's done.Every week I have to review the release in the Gantt chart to make sure th...
Olivia Quakenbush 2 days ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Ghost users

Be able to assign workstreams to ghost users to help visualise resource levelling, without having to use real users with real email addresses. Hansoft does this.
Guest 3 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Add Note to library

Would be helpful to add a note to your roadmap library. For example, I have some reference notes for one of our roadmap that I would like to keep in the same folder as the saved roadmap itself.
Dinesh Samtani 3 days ago in Notes 0 Future consideration