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BitBucket extension for Aha! Develop

Much like the Github extension for Aha! Develop, it would be very helpful to have an extension into BitBucket to view the statuses of PRs.
Madeleine Black over 2 years ago in Extensions / Wanted 2 Shipped

Provide an API end point for "Updates records" function inside the Integration

We use the "Update records" button in Aha! to bring the latest data from Jira into Aha! As we have already got the records linked between Aha! and Jira and we are not looking for using a webhook.
Alok Dath over 2 years ago in Wanted 0 Shipped

Automatically update worksheet equations when a change is made to a custom field value on a related record

I have added a custom Worksheet to my Master Feature record which has equations that reference the values in custom fields located in the linked Features records. When the custom fields' values are changed in the linked Features, I must manually o...
Roger Oliver over 4 years ago in Wanted 3 Shipped

Lightweight Admin feature

to download reports on Aha tool usage like users, products etc...
Guest about 5 years ago in Wanted 2 Shipped

Embedding notebooks in confluence pages

We use confluence as a platform for detailing product development plans. It would be great if one was able to embed notebooks from Aha! within confluence pages or indeed easily allow Aha! data to be inserted into confluence. A set of macros, a...
warren lester over 7 years ago in Integrations / Wanted 0 Shipped

Link Idea to Salesforce Account

The SFDC integration is fantastic, but we're finding the association with an Opportunity or Case aren't really the right place for us to make a relationship with Ideas. Most of our customer feature requests arrive after the opportunity has closed,...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Wanted 1 Shipped
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Integrate with Asana

We really like Asana for day-to-day development work and bug tracking.
Suzanne Vaughan over 9 years ago in Asana / Wanted 26 Shipped

Integration with Box

Just like there is an integration with Dropbox and Google Drive, it would be great to have an integration with Box that allows linking of files hosted in Box instead of uploading them.
Guest over 9 years ago in Wanted 6 Shipped

Integrate with Microsoft OneDrive Business

Our business uses OneDrive as a cloud based document repository. Would be great to be able to use this in the same way as the recent DropBox and Google Drive integrations.
Guest over 9 years ago in Wanted 9 Shipped integration

As you know with Zendesk, ideas often flow in from support systems as well. Without this integration, we'll now have to manually enter each idea from into Aha!.
Guest over 9 years ago in Wanted 2 Shipped