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Automatic logout After 15 minutes

Most companies require an automatic log out after 15 minutes now. Adding this as an option when enabling Automatic Logout will enable many companies to adhere to their security standards.
Guest 5 months ago in Account settings 1 Shipped

Ability to import and bulk edit delivery risk data

We are working on standardisation of processes and would like the option to use the new delivery risks feature in Aha! The ability to export existing data and import it to the delivery risk text field (and set the risk toggle to true/false at the ...
Steve Dagless 8 months ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Auto pluralization and capitalization of custom terminology override option needed

When adding customized terminology in workspace settings, Aha automatically adds an "s" to the end of the words. There are instructions stating the words will be pluralized, but it just doesn't work for all words. We use Priority as a standard and...
Shayne Smith 10 months ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Disable all Develop options in Delivery Risks when it's not part of my org's account

The new delivery risk functionality is 💯 - except everything now has a delivery risk for "No team" - which doesn't make sense when my organization doesn't use Aha! Develop. This seems to be an issue with the Develop section of Delivery risks being...
David I. 10 months ago in Account settings 2 Shipped

Add Accessibility Controls in Account Settings

Your software has a lot of animations - for example: the green saving indicator that constantly pops-up when you are editing a description if you are on an event report and click on an event, the drawer slider animation that opens up on the right....
Guest over 1 year ago in Account settings 5 Shipped

Indicate whether a workspace is based off a template or not

When reviewing the list of workspaces via Settings > Account > Workspaces, it is not clear if a given workspace is based off a workspace template or not. There should be a way to see whether which workspace template is applied to a given wor...
Mark Eaves over 1 year ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Customizing a message on Record not Found Page

Now the 'contact us' on Record not Found page directs users to, and therefore users without access to certian workspaces: go to Aha! support first Aha! support has to direct the users to the billing admins of our instance. The accou...
Hank Liu over 1 year ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Automation: Allow for Workspaces to inherit automations from Product Lines

I work in a group that has many workspaces. We would like to be able to define automations at the Product Line level that will impact all workspaces underneath it or at least be available to the workspaces underneath it.
Dale Crane almost 2 years ago in Account settings 2 Shipped

Allow users to arrange fields into groups in custom layouts

It would be great if I could make custom layouts more usable by arranging fields into groups or sections with a clearly visible heading. As it is today, work items have a long list of fields that are hard to use. There's a lot of cognitive load ha...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Aha Scorecard Navigation View - collapse 'Used in' Products listed

Issue: I am have to scroll down my page multiple times find the Name of the scorecard because we have thousands, i.e. one scorecard is used by 3302 products. Ask: Can you adjust this screen to allow the ‘Used in’ column to be optionally collapsed ...
Mike Jacobson about 2 years ago in Account settings 0 Shipped