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My ideas: Account settings

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Have Separate Access Permission for Ideas and Roadmaps

Some of the user groups in our org need to manage Ideas but we don't want them to view or change roadmaps WIP.
Kathleen Singleton 3 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Manage Users admins shouldn't be allowed to change the admin roles for themselves or other users

People in our organization are given the Manage Users admin role in order to manage the licenses associated to paid seats. However, the Manage Users admins are able to assign additional administrative privileges to themselves & other users. Am...
David I. 3 days ago in Account settings 2 Future consideration

Provide help with consequences of merging custom fields

The Aha! KB article on merging and converting custom fields explains that there are implications for integrations and reports when merging fields. Specifically: If an integration included the old custom field, you will need to update the field map...
Steve Dagless 4 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Customize / Create New Record Link Relationship Types

In Aha! we can only create record link with the 6 default relationship types, while in Jira the new relationship types can be added and are customizable. We n...
Hank Liu 4 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Prevent non-billing admin workspace owners from adding paid seats outside their owned paid seat groups

The cure was determined to be worse than the ailment. Moved to an idea, tracked here: Currently there is an edge case where project owners are able to add users that take up paid seats outside the paid seat...
Chris Zempel 13 days ago in Account settings 0 Will not implement

Ability to Lock *Account* Layouts / Workflows / Scorecards

Use Case: We have Enterprise Layouts / Workflows / Scorecards that we would like to lock so that only a 'Collaborator' or Full Account Admin could unlock before updating / deleting Examples: We have a Scorecard that is the default that we do not w...
Karla Johnson 16 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Aha! Develop - support paid seat groups

Paid seat groups are useful for managing the assignment of seats to Roadmaps users. It would be great if this could be extended to support the assignment of Develop seats as well.
Dale Potter 18 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Merge or bulk update paid seats

Currently working on consolidating our 15 paid seat groups into 4 paid seat group. Is there any way we can merge seat groups or bulk update seat groups?I’m looking for an easy way to do this besides the manual way (updating for each user).
Guest 19 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Stop popping up 'Helpful' or sales dialogue boxes every time I open Aha!

Every time I open the product I get a large dialogue box either giving me helpful hints or selling me something like a training course. PLEASE can I switch that off. I've been using the product for a while now and it's unbelievably annoying and ma...
Guest 21 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Ability to disable different view types

Number of functionalities in Main Menu contain different types of views we can use. However, not all these views might be useful or updated and it would be great to have the option to choose what views we use and we don't and hide the unused ones ...
Guest 24 days ago in Account settings 0 Already exists