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Develop an OSLC REST based connector for Aha!

We need to link Aha! Roadmap items to other items in Sparx EA (OSLC compliant) using ArchiMate 3.1 and an OSLC connector for Aha! will enable us to do that. This connector will also enable us to link Sparx EA ArchiMate 3.1 model elements such as s...
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The JIRA/Aha integration does not sync tags or releases (even when configured).

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Sync goals to Jira

We manage the high level roadmap in Aha and the day to day development in Jira. Keeping them in sync is easy with the Jira integration, but we do like to filter the Jira epics by the Aha goals. Right now, to be able to track dev progress against g...
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One epic in Jira

When creating integrations to Jira (master features and features to Epics and stories, within in several Jira board in the same instance)the first created epic in Jira should be the only epic created.Not one per integration/Board.At it is set up t...
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Align release with Jira sprints

Have the option in the integration settings to sync release with sprints in JiraThere is no current way to represent a sprint in Aha yet that is how most people develop these daysCurrently whenever I move features between releases I have to manual...
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PDF Export | Not displaying Aha! Roadmap

When using the Aha! plugin with Confluence, we noticed when we export the confluence page to PDF, it does not display the roadmap as expected.
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Show custom field names on integration errors

When there's an integration sync error with Jira on a custom field, Aha shows something like this: 'customfield_19011': Please fill out required fieldsThe identifier 19011 has no meaning to us, as Aha doesn't expose a mapping of our custom field n...
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Support a proxy vote custom layout in the Salesforce integration

When internal teams capture proxy votes for customers, we need for them to fill in some required fields. This is supported in ideas portals today, but the Salesforce integration does not display a proxy vote form. The Salesforce integration is the...
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Add documentation for webhook payload

Integration developers need documentation for the fields in the notifications generated by a webhook event. There are multiple ID fields and other fields with similar names and non-intuitive functions. Developers are left to infer their purpose, a...
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View in Aha! the author of a comment created in Azure DevOps

In integrations with Azure DevOps, comments created in ADO show the integration name rather than the individual as the creator of the comment when looking at it in Aha!. This can cause confusion for Aha! users who can't easily understand the conte...
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