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Status Future consideration
Categories Slack
Created by Michael Gogos
Created on Jun 24, 2024

Add context with Slack integrations

What is the challenge?

A Slack Messages used to add comments to aha records or create ideas, by default, does not have context around who sent the message, when, what slack channel

What is the impact?

Either the context around the message is lost, or needs to be added manually by an aha user. Otherwise it just looks like normal text entered by the aha user, we miss the who or where or why of the original slack message.

Describe your idea

Enable some of the information about the slack message that is getting integrated to make its way to aha through the integration. For example, state that this text was sent from Slack, who wrote the slack message and the timestamp (similar to a jira comment) and possibly a link to the slack message itself.

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