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Support bi-directional flow of data when mapping Aha! releases to Jira sprints as a field mapping for features

Use case:Aha! releases are mapped to Jira sprints as a field mapping under features. Currently this mapping is only supported in one direction, Aha! to Jira. It would be helpful if this mapping supported the flow of data in both directions.
Dale Potter 2 days ago in Jira 0 Future consideration

Notify users on Slack when they are tagged in Aha! through slack integration

Right now - when tagging someone in Aha! it links the user on Aha! to the comment e.g.Comment by XXX@YYY (link to user in Aha!) ....But it is useless to have it that way - it would be much nicer if the tagging on the comment in Aha! corresponded s...
Nir Soffer 7 days ago in Slack 0 Future consideration

Trello integration set the unit for importing time units.

Currently, if you import time (estimates or progress) as a numeric field from Trello it comes in as minutes... forcing engineers (using Trello) to do estimates or track progress in minutes rather, then a configurable unit... hours, weeks, points ...
Jesse Stein 9 days ago in Trello 0 Future consideration

Parent version mapped to 2 different releases - let user decide where to import

The same Jira version may be associated with releases from more than one Aha! workspace. This can happen when different products in Aha! are all being released together. When auto-import is enabled on the integrations and a new record is created i...
Mark Crowe 18 days ago in Jira 0 Future consideration

Rally Integration: Allow Rally "Programs" integration to Aha's "Goals"

Our Rally implementation uses a Lean Agile decomposition model - Programs, Business Increments (BIs), Minimum Business Increments (MBIs), and Features. BIs map nicely to Aha Initiatives, MBIs map to Epics, and Features map to Features. We use Pr...
Guest 21 days ago in Rally 0 Future consideration

add google analytics type integration for Azure App Insights

For those who are using Azure to track application usage and performance it would be useful to have an integration that could display the feature usage metrics from Application Insights similarly to the Google Analytics integration.
Ronnie Merkel 23 days ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Integration with Crayon Battlecards

It would be great to integrate Crayon into Aha so that we can have our competitor tabs populated with data from Crayon.
Guest 25 days ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Allow Integration variable on Create Record layout

Currently when creating a feature, I have to create the feature and then manually send the integration to ADO. I want to have a variable on the Create Record Layout screen to be able to choose this option when creating the feature. This way I ca...
Kalyndra Craven 29 days ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Future consideration

Update release ranking on item reorder to Azure DevOps

Currently when a release is re-ranked in Aha, only the items that are moved have the rank updated which leads to multiple rank fields in the engineering system to have the same value; or constantly resending all release fields to send the new stac...
Ronnie Merkel about 1 month ago in Integrations 0 Unlikely to implement

Ability to apply a Jira Integration Template to an EXISTING Jira Integration but only have it update the URL and Jira Login/Password settings

We had a very large number of Jira Integrations created before we had central administration of our Aha application. I need to apply a Jira template to these integrations so that the URL and password can be managed from a central person, but if I...
Guest about 1 month ago in Jira 0 Future consideration