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My ideas: Integrations

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Improving handling when Jira users change issue type across record hierarchy

Who would benefit? Users of Jira integration What impact would it make? Users who are changing issue types in Jira after records are integrated. How should it work? Right now, if a Jira user changes an issue type on an integrated record, the integ...
Stephanie Lechner 16 days ago in Jira 0 Future consideration

Add strategic models as an activity in the Teams integration

Who would benefit? Those who need to know when something in the model changes What impact would it make? This would allow us to keep all people working on a product up to date with the latest information. How should it work?
Debra Hunter 17 days ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Allow editing to wiki-rendered fields in Jira

Who would benefit? Jira integration users What impact would it make? Currently Jira is sending broken formatting when fields leverage wiki-rendering with tables How should it work? If a user makes an edit to a table in Jira on a wiki-rendered fiel...
Stephanie Lechner 24 days ago in Jira 0 Future consideration

Trigger activity webhook event when a many-to-many custom table field value is added to a record

Who would benefit? Users that use many-to-many custom table fields on their records and would like to use that information when one is added What impact would it make? How should it work? When a user adds a many-to-many custom table value to a rec...
Will Lawrence 24 days ago in API / Integrations 0 Likely to implement

Support bring your own LLM

Who would benefit? Customers who have build LLMs for their org who don't wis to use ChatGPT or have specific organisation context they wish to exploit What impact would it make? There are generative AI applications in Aha (and no doubt more planne...
Nigel Lawrence 25 days ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Sync Idea categories to Salesforce

Who would benefit? Customer-facing teams (e.g. account managers) What impact would it make? It would allow team members primarily using Salesforce to pull reports on areas of the product that are important to the accounts/customers they manage. Ho...
Kellen Hawley 26 days ago in Salesforce 0 Future consideration

Add more filters to integrations import

Who would benefit? aha admins What impact would it make? keeping Aha in sync with JIRA on the release. This would also help other internal stakeholders informed. How should it work? The integrations import desperately needs additional filtering cr...
Shri Iyer about 1 month ago in Jira 0 Already exists

Ability to map constants to custom fields in Github

Who would benefit? Anyone with a Github integration What impact would it make? Right now, the only way to prevent unhandled errors is to research the backend technical ID's and map those as constant values to send choice values over as a constant ...
Stephanie Lechner about 1 month ago in GitHub 1 Likely to implement

Add 'Team' field for Asana integration setup

Please support setting the "Team" field in the Asana integration.
Moustafa Aly about 2 months ago in Asana / Integrations 0 Future consideration

Warn user of integration on epic deletion

Who would benefit? Integration users What impact would it make? How should it work? When you delete a feature which is linked to a dev system you get a warning (attached). When you delete an epic, you do not get a consitent warning. This suggestio...
Tom Bailey about 2 months ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Future consideration