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Include proxy vote details on primary idea after merge

The number of votes, indicating interest, is one of the important inputs when evaluating idea priorities.Currently, when an idea is merged, their votes and subscribers are merged to the primary - assuming duplicates avoided if there is a limit of ...
Karie Kelly 5 months ago in Voting 1 Likely to implement

Like idea comment

It would avoid redundant comments if we could simply 'Like' comments. A Like counter would indicate how many others sympathized with the point made. It would be ideal to see who else liked the comment.
Melissa Johnson about 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Likely to implement

Add Search Functionality on Configure Ideas portals section under Account settings

Currently there is no search functionality on Configure Idea portals section under Account settings. And we have to look through the list of the idea portals to find the one we are looking for. It will be very helpful if Search functionality is a...
Uma Prabhala 10 months ago in Ideas portal 1 Likely to implement

Freeze changes to an idea on the idea portal once it's state is promoted (to a feature/initiative)

We do not want users to edit (except for comments) and make changes to an idea once it is promoted to a feature or initiative. Currently users can even change the idea subject/description and everything that can be edited.
Guest over 1 year ago in Ideas portal 0 Likely to implement