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Fix "Shrink View to Fit Container" In Notebooks

A report in a slide of a notebook can be formatted. Unfortunately the "Shrink View to fit container" option does not work properly or at least does not work as expected. A single report (pivot or hierarchy) within a slide with the shrink v...
Michael Faust over 5 years ago in Presentations 0 Already exists

Preserve formatting of reports when generating as a PDF

When generating a Notebook in PDF, tables (column spacing, etc.) don't format in the same manner as they do onscreen. The columns appear to all default to even spacing which makes reports harder to consume.
Matt Case over 7 years ago in Presentations 3 Already exists

Notebook attachments should fit page orientation

Attached images print very small. Print them as large as possible to fit page orientation.
Suzanne Vaughan over 9 years ago in Presentations 3 Already exists

Page list and search function in web notebook

It would be nice to have a menu item in the web notebook containing the page list. Also searching within the notebook should be nice, but perhaps less important when my customer can easily pick a page from the list. At this moment a user have...
Guest over 9 years ago in Presentations 3 Already exists

Quarter markers should also show in the Notebook view of a custom roadmap

Quarter markers show right above the calendar dates at the top of a custom roadmap. When I create a notebook off of the custom report, the calendar date markers appear but the quarter markers are gone. It would be nice to still have them as a visu...
Wen-Wen Lin over 5 years ago in Presentations 1 Already exists

Mix Landscape & Portrait pages in a Notebook

To deliver a Notebook for hand-out in important meetings, I typically produce both a landscape and a portrait version of the Notebook, using Aha. and mix & match pages based on the content. This is an extra step I take in Acrobat. This idea ...
Guest about 8 years ago in Presentations 0 Already exists

Ability to scale notebooks for use in iframes

My company would like to be able to show the roadmap in an iframe on our company intranet homepage, which is Confluence, in a way that will automatically update when the roadmap is updated. Unfortunately, we only have a small space available and t...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Presentations 1 Already exists

Add Release Features to Notebook

We really like the feature details view in the app, with the tabs down the left hand side. I often wish I could just share that view with the client, because it still gives you the context that the feature you are looking at belongs to a bigger pi...
Lauren almost 9 years ago in Presentations 6 Already exists

Manage external users to view presentations

We are looking to share a roadmap with external stakeholders from Aha. However, we want to control which external users can access in the case if an employee leaves on of our clients, we do not want them to retain access of our roadmap. Today, the...
Blake Falanga over 1 year ago in Presentations 1 Already exists

Notebook snapshot versioning

I like the ability to snapshot, but it is very limited. I like to see the following abilities for snapshot Provide an option when taking a snapshot to create a copy of the report and add it automatically to the notebook. Saves time navigating awa...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Presentations 0 Already exists