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Labels on charts should text-wrap

I never use Aha charts in our internal reports because the labels display poorly. It's a shame, because it prevents our org from more fully adopting Aha. I export everything to do reporting in a Spreadsheet simply because the labels are unhelpful ...
Guest 3 days ago in Reports 0

Go to page option in reports (list reports)

Allow user to go to a specific page within a list report vs. the current method of page by page or jumping by 4 pages.
Lance Hook 4 days ago in Reports 0

Have the ability to customize color for 'record links' on pivot tables by record types instead of each individual record.

We are using record links on pivot reports to show the dependencies on a roadmap. The default color setup while customizing a pivot report provides the option to select record links. It would be helpful if the default color can be set by record li...
Jyothirmayi Talaparthy 4 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Add more functionality to the text header panel on dashboards

It would be useful to us if we had more options for panels to add to dashboards. There are times that we would like to add links or even notes. The text header custom panel is quite limiting.
Nerissa Muijs 6 days ago in Reports 0

Be able to select other record types from the new Roll-Up type.

We love the new Roll-up feature that allows you to link several roll-up levels to each other. One issue we are running into is being able to link other record types to the roll-up records. For example, when I create a pivot report, set the primary...
Brett Wilmeth 16 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Improve display of filtering by quarterly plan

When using a dashboard and filtering by quarterly plan, the drop down displays the quarters associated with the selected workspace - as expected. However, when the drop down is not 'dropped down', it is showing a quarterly plan from a different w...
Guest 24 days ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Allow search in Feature Prioritization for all columns

We have added the JIRA Key column to the Prioritization view, but are unable to use the Search function on that column.
Guest 25 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Rename Pivot Table Column Headers

I really like how you can rename column header titles on list reports. This needs to be added to Pivot table reports too! With the new ability to add multiple roll-up items, the column headers are not clear. For example, we have a pivot table repo...
Brett Wilmeth 26 days ago in Reports 3 Already exists

Filter shared list report by top X elements in presentations and shared webpages

Currently, I can filter list reports by top 5/10/25/100 rows. This is really useful to focus on ideas or epics with the highest priority. This "top X elements" filtering is still applied when adding the view to a dashboard. However, when I insert ...
Gianmarco Spiga 30 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Edit Field Names in Pivot View

Can we edit field names when building a pivot table the same way we can edit them in List view? The List report builder has a lovely rename function that I use frequently when field names become long and cumbersome. However, when I build Pivot tab...
Guest 30 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration