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Progress charts for goals

Just like the progress charts for a release, we need progress (burndown) charts for goals across slices of time. We should be able to see scope increasing or decreasing, and the actual progress made by features complete over the same time slices....
Guest 1 day ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Extend the 'Lock fields based on Status of the record' to Custom Tables

We use Custom Tables in many workspaces to track dollar savings.Once a project reaches a certain status these committed savings should be locked.It would be a great enhancement to be able to do this with Aha!'s 'Lock based on Status' functionality.
Karla Johnson 4 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

New charts sorting and ordering

The new charts are much worse than the old ones. I see very little positives vs the old method, you have tried to make something "easier to use" by taking away lots of features and nicer to look at - charts don't need this.the order makes no sense...
Guest 16 days ago in Reports 1 Planning to implement

Allow for Dashboard filtering by fields common to the reports within the dashboard

Currently the Dashboard functionality allows you to filter by Workspace. We have a number of use cases where there is a need to filter the reports/panels within the dashboard by additional fields. For example, we have dashboard that apply to ini...
Karla Johnson 24 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

To do lists / charts assignee reporting

When doing reports on To Dos, a common need is to evaluate how many pending, overdue, complete to-do's by assignee. However, when a todo is assigned to more than one person, the reporting creates those assignees as separate groups. Consequently, ...
Karie Kelly 25 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow List views to be saved into other List areas (Features, Ideas, Roadmap)

If you create a List view in the Roadmap "area", there is no way to transfer it to the Feature or Idea List view areas. Instead Aha requires that the List reports are re-created manually which is a poor user experience.
Guest 27 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

shrink to fit container of dashboards

When adding a report or a roadmap view to a dashboard, it would be great if I could shirk the view to fit to container. This is already true for graphs and if would love to have this options for pivot tables and roadmaps. It would be very useful t...
Reut Levi 27 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow for changing column width of Custom Table views

When custom tables are viewed, the column widths is defaulted by the system and doesn't allow for customization. For better usability, it would be great if we can change the display width of the columns
Karla Johnson about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow Pivots to select different calculation for each cells field

Currently, when creating a pivot, you can select what to present for the fields in the cell. This could be list, count, sum, average etc. Often, we need a different display for each field. For example, I want to see the count for one field (e.g.,...
Karla Johnson about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Custom Table sorting and filtering

For better usability provide the user the ability to sort and filter on the columns when viewing custom tables. We have tables with 30 or more rows and without the ability to sort, it creates inefficiency in the use of the table.
Karla Johnson about 1 month ago in Reports 1 Future consideration