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Filter by multi-select field "is null" in custom filter functions

Who would benefit? Reports for auditing purposes What impact would it make? Allow custom functions to flag "is null" for multi-select fields that don't contain data. Currently unable to build custom functions for this type of field. How should it ...
Emily Millman about 2 months ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Save View bug

Who would benefit? Every user What impact would it make? Fix a bug How should it work? When I click "save as" but click the "x" before saving, it still saves the view even though I cancelled the request. It should not create the new view if I canc...
Josh 2 months ago in Reports 7 Already exists

Reinstate "Select All" in report filters while also keeping "Clear All"

We used to be able to select all in a report filter and then deselect a few options from a very long list of dropdown options. There's another idea for this listed as "shipped" in 2019. I'm not sure why this capability was revoked.
Emily Millman 3 months ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Filter fields on "Organization" by "does not contain"

Currently, custom fields on objects like Organization and Proxy Votes can be filtered by "contains", "is blank", and "is not blank". But there are a fair number of reports that we need to filter by fields that have many different values, wherein w...
Kellen Hawley 5 months ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Pivot Tables Sort A to Z or Z to A for Calculated Columns

As a user, I want to sort the calculated columns in my pivot table from A to Z or Z to A.
Amelia Peklar 5 months ago in Reports 6 Already exists

Ability to include dependent features on Pivot reports

Have an ability to show the feature dependencies on the pivot report alongside other information we want to track instead of checking a separate Dependency report.
Guest 7 months ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Ability to hide or show a workspace parking lot in a pivot table report.

Our team uses pivot table reports shared through the webpage URL capability to provide senior leadership with a view of what's coming. Parking lot items are not ready for that level of review, but we are unable to 'hide' or even label the parking ...
Guest 9 months ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Filters - "Is Not" Option

Hi Aha! Team, Having a filter that ommits certain options would help with reporting.
Jonathan Beggs 10 months ago in Reports 0 Already exists

ability to have "does not equal" in a multiselect filter

I want to be able to see features that do NOT have a certain tag (for example) or other similar fields. For example, we are putting a tag on items that have passed a certain validation, and I need to have a report on items that do not have this ta...
Jennifer Lange 11 months ago in Reports 3 Already exists

Please add the ability to filter Parking Lot Releases from Custom Reports

Right now, it appears that I can only do this by filtering out Parking Lot releases by Release Name. It would be beneficial to have an option at the top of the selection list of releases called "Is Parking Lot?" and if checked, the report filters ...
Guest 11 months ago in Reports 2 Already exists