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Created on Feb 28, 2024

Natural sort of status in idea report

Who would benefit?

Anyone who needs to report the status of a large number of ideas (typically in preparation for meeting with a specific customer) and wants to make sure that things already implemented shows up at the top of the report to make sure it stands out.

What impact would it make?

It would save time when preparing for meetings. Currently In order to create this kind of report today I need to export the report out of Aha and manually re-sort it in Excel or Google Sheets since Aha sorts everything alphabetically.

How should it work?

Ideally it would be possible to specify the order of statuses in a setting somewhere and that order would be respected everywhere when sorting by status.

    Feb 28, 2024

    Good news - this is possible today! When you sort a report by the idea status, it will use the order of the statuses as they appear in your status workflow. A customization admin can change the order of the statuses in your workflow in Settings > Account > Statuses and Workflows. Learn more.

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