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Categories Reports
Created by Matt Kalan
Created on Feb 7, 2024

Able to sort on aggregate values in cells in pivot tables

Who would benefit?

All users that view reports

What impact would it make?

Prevent exporting to Excel for simple aggregates

How should it work?

A user should be able to sort on the aggregated values in cells, like count, sum, etc. Apparently today, you can only sort on fields already in the data and not calculated in the report.

In reporting, often the value is in aggregating so this limits the usefulness of reporting greatly. The data would have to be exported to Excel, which doesn't look great to have to point everyone to Excel when we bought this new shiny product feedback tool

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  • Matt Kalan
    Feb 7, 2024

    We want to have a leaderboard for who in the field has added the most proxy votes in the last week or month. That would be a count done in the cell in a pivot table, and I want to sort descending, to encourage others to create proxy votes the most.

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