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Improve feature/requirement navigation of new layout

There is not an easy way to navigate from requirement to requirement within a feature from a workflow, such as outstanding approvals. Clicking into a requirement, navigating back, etc. to find the next requirement or corresponding task has doubled...
Jessica Wagner about 1 month ago in Features 0 Shipped

Allow bulk editing within the requirements tab of a feature, and other places

It would be great to be able to quickly bulk edit records from various places in Aha! besides only the List report. Common examples I run into:Bulk editing requirements in a feature (bulk convert to features, assign, change status, etc.)Bulk editi...
Todd Meyer 3 months ago in Features 0 Shipped

Add missing Rally "Release" built in field at Feature level so that users can map Rally Release field with Aha Release field under Integration

Add missing Rally "Release" built in field at Feature level so that users can map Rally Release field with Aha Release field under Integration (This is not Release record , it is the field under Feature level in Rally).
Uma Prabhala 4 months ago in Features 0 Shipped

Hide or Shrink Aha provided header fields on Feature layouts

Currently Aha provided fields on Layouts take up a lot of real estate on the slider window when it pops out from the RH side. Two problems:For adoption reasons (we are starting slow) we dont use all of those fields (score, goals, initiatives) but ...
john garrish 4 months ago in Features 0 Shipped

Aha to Github Integration: Improved integration so Tables do not break once transferred

As discussed with your internal teams, the issue we experience at the moment is that we submit tables in a feature to capture requirements (We have a lot of field mapping we do) but a number of times when the table is received in to Github the tab...
Guest 5 months ago in Features 0 Shipped

Description Box formatting

After adding text to the Description box in a Feature or requirement, there is no border to indicate that text is present. Some colleagues have glanced past the description box as they don't always realise there is some text to view.I know there i...
Guest 6 months ago in Features 1 Shipped

Time tracking history - allow deletion of multiple entries before closing the modal

The time tracking history modal (e.g. Feature > "..." > Time tracking history) allows for the deletion of prior entries in the Work done section. However, after deleting an entry, the modal automatically closes.It would help save steps and t...
Craig Pflumm 6 months ago in Features 0 Shipped

Add missing Rally built in fields "Actual End Date", "Actual Start Date", "Investment Category", "Investments" in Aha! under Integration field mapping

The following fields are available in Rally but are not available in Aha to do field mapping under Aha to Rally Integration. Please add these fields so that teams can map them.Rally Built in field names that are not available in Aha! for mappingAc...
Uma Prabhala 7 months ago in Rally / Features 0 Shipped

Do not show cards when loading a single Aha entry in the "Details Mode".

When viewing a single entry in Aha (in Details Mode), Aha tries to load the entire set of cards with default filter (release name etc) applied. When it takes longer than a preset time, it complains with an informational message at the top. Need to...
Victoria Morrella 7 months ago in Features 0 Shipped

Add guide to "Create templates for Features ..." support page to click on the Custom Type name to edit the template not guide the user to click on the name of the 'custom type', and the page it is on doesn't indicate this either. You're left hanging....
Guest 9 months ago in Features 0 Shipped