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Move/copy personas and competitors from one product to another

I would like to be able to bulk move or copy personas from product lines/products to other product lines/products. A few scenarios where this is helpful:- I need the same personas across multiple products- I might be on the wrong product in the na...
Chris Waters almost 8 years ago in Strategy 17 Shipped

Bulk edit initiatives capability

Moving lots of initiatives from one product to another, or changing custom fields across multiple initiatives is a time consuming process, as there doesn't seem to be a simple way to bulk edit changes.
Guest almost 8 years ago in Strategy 6 Shipped

Embed videos and other iframed elements in Aha

IWT embed videos of competitors products, recorded meetings, etc in Aha, in places like notes, comments, etc.
Guest about 7 years ago in Notes / Strategy 7 Shipped

On our way to Initiative Roadmap Nirvana - Priority 3 of 3 - Ability to see the size of an initiative in story points or time

First, we LOVE the new Strategy / Roadmap option. Our company maps features to epics, and requirements to user stories, so initiatives are exactly the level of detail we want to use to communicate with our executives, and also to communicate to t...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Strategy 2 Shipped

Add ability to link releases to an initiative from the initiative.

When working through a list of initiatives, it would be helpful to be able to link them directly to a release rather than having to open a release and find and link to the initiative.
Guest almost 8 years ago in Strategy 4 Shipped

Create templates of pre-existing Strategy Visions and Business Models

Add a new drop list have Template/Layout - Create Layout Template to create a template of pre-existing Vision of Business Model layouts. To use existing template, use new drop list - Apply Template and a sublist is shown. All layout templates are ...
Ben Dair over 6 years ago in Strategy 7 Shipped

Ability to move goals to different products

At the moment you can move initiatives and features to different products, but not goals. You can even clone a release from one product to another. However you can't move a goal from one product to another. This is a pain when restructuring a lar...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Strategy 7 Shipped

Initiatives - custom status fields and status color

Is it possible to edit/change/create new statuses for the Initiative Status? Right now the values are Achieved, On Track, Some Progress, At Risk, Abandoned and Not Started. We would like to use different values and colors.
Suzanne Vaughan over 8 years ago in Strategy 4 Shipped

Sort Initiative Roadmap by Product or Color

The primary sort for the initiatives on the roadmap is by start date. There is no available configuration for the secondary sort, it is hard coded to be alphabetical. I would like to show a different secondary sort (ie by product to show product l...
Jamie Burr almost 8 years ago in Roadmaps / Strategy 6 Shipped

Allow custom fields on Initiatives

I would like to be able to add custom fields to initiatives. Potential uses are assigning ownership of specific initiatives or setting dates for planned start and finish. We have multiple products with interdependent initiatives. I would realy lik...
Guest over 8 years ago in Strategy 8 Shipped