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Ability to have a common structure for competitor cards under different products so the layout doesn't change when moving a competitor

When moving a competitor from under one product to another the structure of the competitor page changes and certain fields hide in the new space where it is being moved. This then requires manually editing and moving around fields in the card, whi...
Guest 12 days ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Add Product ID as a field to the Workspace Info Tab

The only way users can see the workspace Product ID is to pull a report. As a result, our workaround is to download the Product ID and upload it to a custom field on the workspace layout. This is a lot of manual work for something that is inhere...
Cindy Datlof 18 days ago in Product 3 Future consideration

relative time-based estimates in capacity planning

Context:One of the main activities when planning for capacity is rescheduling activities until each team's capacity is maximized but not exceeded . An activity (feature/epic/initiative) might be rescheduled multiple times in this process, until a ...
Gianmarco Spiga 22 days ago in Product 3 Future consideration

Idea portal link

Within Aha! under the help, provide a link to Aha! idea portal. When enabling new features or pilots, provide ability for feedback specifically on that item. For example, with the new user experience, there is no temporary category/field that wou...
Karie Kelly about 1 month ago in Product 2 Planning to implement

Allow non-admin product owners to select the custom layout when creating a new workspace

This appears to be the current process - can this be made leaner?Non-admins create new workspacesAdmin identifies workspaces which don't have the correct custom layoutAdmin manually adds the correct custom layout (I didn't find a way to bulk edit ...
Mary Carrigan about 1 month ago in Product 0 Future consideration

I would like the ability to add support contact information for our 'internal support team' into the "? > Support and Resources" Main Menu

We would like to add the ability for our users to get to our Aha Internal Support team without leaving Aha.
Guest about 2 months ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Want to see projects (Initiatives) under a program (a Parent line of initiatives) using the Strategic Roadmap View

We really want to have the ability to see the projects (initiatives) under a program (a Paren line of initiatives) using the Strategic Roadmap View.
John Michaels 2 months ago in Product 3 Future consideration

Limit previous months visibility on Capacity Planning - Set Advanced Estimate Screen by time

I would like to limit the number of visible months in the Capacity Planning Detail view for any of my initiatives.See source issue:
Guest 2 months ago in Product 0 Future consideration

When creating a epic in Jira, automatically created in Aha! if integrated

No description provided
Marcela Schlaepfer 3 months ago in Product 1 Already exists

Enable more granular workload scheduling in a Capacity Planning estimate

When we add an advanced estimate and run the capacity report for Teams, Aha! assumes that the work starts on the initiative start date and ends assuming the team works 100% on the initiative. Our request is to be able to spread the work over the d...
Guest 4 months ago in Product 0 Future consideration