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Include Initiatives and Goals in My Work Area

My team utilizes the My Work area to stay on top of managing their Ideas, Features, To-Dos. But what's missing from this My Work area are the Initiatives and Goals. Given these can be assigned to a User it seems like a huge missing component of th...
Phil Warden 6 months ago in My work 1 Shipped

Customizable dashboard to help plan my day/week

It would be great to have a home page that is a customizable dashboard of all the key Aha! data I need to start my day or week. For example, I could add a view of my current week's editorial calendar activities, list my to-dos for the day/week so ...
Guest over 1 year ago in My work 0 Shipped

Dashboard View of Reports

It would be externally helpful if we could build a dashboard in Aha! using multiple reports from the report module. The dashboard should include multiple reports that are visible at the same time ( and not the way it is right now where a user nee...
Rachel Loewenthal almost 2 years ago in My work 3 Shipped

Links to recently viewed records/reports/notebooks

It would be great to be able to have a place to see the last 10(?) records you have viewed and/or created, so you could quickly get back to them if needed. Ideally in the header (maybe in the Home or profile picture dropdown) so it could be access...
Sarah Cottle about 2 years ago in My work 0 Shipped

My Work Link to Parking Lots

Two ideas, really: Include a link to parking lots just as there are links to releases so that I can quickly get to the parking lot just like I can get to releases. Include the name of the product in addition to the name of the release so that ...
Tom Beck almost 3 years ago in My work 0 Shipped

Allow display of assigned master features in "My work" screen

I am able to see an incomplete features list assigned to me, but this view does not include master features and I do not see a setting for this. It would be nice to see this larger scope of work as part of this screen which I am trying to use as a...
Joseph Antrosio over 3 years ago in My work 0 Shipped

Addition to 'My Work' Area - My Reports

Currently the 'My Work' area is very helpful in monitoring, well, My Work (Features assigned, To-Do's assigned). I would like to see at least a third area added, My Reports. This would be a convenient place to find all my authored Reports. Curr...
Joe Carpenter over 3 years ago in My work 1 Shipped

Show all assignable items in My Work

As a product manager, I'd like to be able to show all assignable items not just Features and To-do's on the My Work views -- and be able to filter by user. It would be great to also be able to configure it so that a user can choose which assignabl...
Scott Goldblatt over 3 years ago in My work 9 Shipped

Customize view for My Work screen

It would be cool to have customizable screens in the My Work section - similar to reports. I feel you should be able to tweak that page to show features by custom conditions so I can drive efficiently.
Austin R almost 4 years ago in My work 1 Shipped

Deleting All Watchers brings you back to Work tab, not watcher tab

Steps to reproduce: My profile -> Watchers Tab Click a product with watchers Delete All Watchers - open modal, yes delete all Takes me to the Work tab - then I have to go back to the watchers tab
Larry Paige almost 4 years ago in My work 0 Shipped