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Assign Idea to more than one PM

Currently, we are only able to assign an Idea to one person. When the Idea touches cross functional features, being able to assign to multiple PMs (perhaps a Primary PM and Secondary PMs) would be much easier than having to use the work around of ...
Ginger Alford about 14 hours ago in Ideas portal 0

Set a default progress calculation

Challenge: Currently, the progress field is automatically set to calculate manually when added to a custom layout. This causes manual work if I want all my records to be calculated based on a different option.Desired experience: I would like to be...
Julie Price 20 days ago in Features 13 Future consideration

Embed Ideas portal in Sharepoint

Sharepoint doesn't support script tags for embedding, only standard iframes. Please add this feature as most of our stakeholders/customers use Sharepoint.
Guest about 7 hours ago in Branding 0

Add Initiative Reference number at the Feature level

Currently we can see only the Initiative name at the Feature level but not the Initiative Reference number. We are working on a bigger initiative and it will be really helpful to add the Initiative reference number at the Feature level.
Uma Prabhala about 9 hours ago in Features 0

Add an Option to save the filter in roadmaps-libary-overview

When I enter the Overview in roadmaps-libary always the setting is set to "my reports". But I have to see all reports of my team. Sometimes I'm only looking for my reports, but I always want to see all the reports.
Tobias Michels 1 day ago in Reports 0
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Show progress on all features automatically

It's fantastic to be able to display progress (% complete) on features. Currently, you need to turn this on feature by feature. I would love the ability to make this visible on all features automatically.
Madeleine Black about 1 year ago in Features 40 Shipped

Rank features by release phase

Each one of our features is linked to a designated release phase. We would like to be able to better view this on the features board by ranking features by the release phase. I have added the release phase to the custom cards for features-which is...
Dylan D'Erminio 1 day ago in Features 0

Importing Users: User welcome email template is not available for editing?

Currently, when adding users one at a time, I can customize the welcome message on the fly. This option is NOT available to me however if I am adding users via the CSV Import mechanism. Interestingly enough, I am asked if I want to send a welcome ...
Joe Carpenter 1 day ago in Account settings 0

Roll Up Release Filter

I'm able to add Roll-Up Release Name as a data element on my reports. However, I can't filter by the same field.If I were able to filter by the name, then that field is effectively a flag to determine whether a release rolls under another release ...
Gabe Pinedo 1 day ago in Releases 0

Add ability to customise the message that is shown to people that have not been provisioned a user in the account

When SSO is used and a user attempts to access the company aha instance, they are presented with a list of the emails of the people who have billing permissions (not sure if only when the account does not have available seats). Either way, compani...
Stefan Stefanov 2 days ago in Account settings 0