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Search behavior for linking records should be the same for create and edit screens

When searching for records to link, a 'best match' is shown on the edit screen, but not on the create records screen. It would be useful if it was shown in both places.
Bryan McElhinney about 10 hours ago in Epic 0 Future consideration

Create Percentage & Absolute Thresholds for Proxy Vote Custom Fields

We have implemented a custom field on the proxy vote of Customer Value using a predefined choice list of 5 options (scale Low - Top priority). We'd like to be able to cap the absolute count number of ideas that can be assigned a value of Top or Hi...
Melissa Crawford 1 day ago in Voting 0 Future consideration

external and internal user metrics

We need a way to view workspace owner and user activity in a report. This view exists in user history, but this is not shareable. I need to share with leadership how the tool is being used. Combine user history and contact view, to provide per use...
Guest about 4 hours ago in User management 0 Future consideration

Restore the remaining estimate when a Requirement is moved from Shipped back to In Development

When a Requirement is shipped the remaining estimate will go to 0, but if that Requirement is re-opened then it will stay 0. Is there a way to restore the remaining estimate when a Requirement is re-opened?
Dale Crane about 10 hours ago in Features 1 Already exists

Apply "customise terminology" consistently - not just in some places

"Custom terminology" states "you can customize the terminology that is used in Aha! to match the language your team uses" but this isn't true. Customised terminology is NOT applied in many areas of Aha! including Capacity planning. We don't use th...
Andrew Sharpe about 17 hours ago in Application 1

Capture changes to individual fields within a Score Card in History

Currently, when someone performs a change to a score card, only the top-level score change is captured rather than each of the individual sub-scores.
David Willequer 1 day ago in Application 0

I want to customize the Organizations view

I want to sort and filter organizations by standard and custom fields. For example: company size; deal stage (we have initial sale, renewal, etc); deal close date. We use this for managing ideas but also - more importantly - for confirming that fe...
Guest 1 day ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

"List" is missing from "Ideas" navigation drop down, despite it being selected

Hello, I am missing the "List" menu within the "Ideas" navigation panel despite the fact that I selected it to show up. Thanks, robyn
Guest 1 day ago in Ideas 0

Add OR Logic to Roadmap and Report Filters

Presently, it appears that reports and roadmaps use strict AND logic when adding filters; However, it would be useful for more accurately defining the scope of what data you wish to see if OR logic were also present. For example, if I wanted items...
I R 1 day ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Please remove bad related linking options from related tab under initiative

Our PMs are breaking the fundamental model that initiatives have epics that have features. This is the expectation for many reports and for our integrations to engineering tools. The enabler of the bad behavior is the related tabs functionality to...
Kevin Martin 1 day ago in Features 0 Future consideration