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Release Gantt View - Add Epics in the Release view

We use Epics and Features for our roadmaps, but there is not a single view where we can see a Gantt with the three levels (Release, Epic and Feature) and the information can be collapsed hierarchically. In Releases>Gantt there is an option to v...
Edgar Holguin about 1 hour ago in Epic 0

Dark Mode in General aha!

I think its poor form that Dark mode is not available in aha!, unless teams take aha! develop. All users would like this basic functionality to view aha! in dark mode. - all browsers and applications offer this as standard.
Guest about 1 hour ago in Application 0

Allow multi select on Automation Rules

When creating an Automation Rule, allow for multi selects. For example, I want to be able to assign Ideas that come in to a certain set of 'categories' (a custom field we created) to a specific person but all in one rule. Example: where category i...
Cindy Hickman about 2 hours ago in Workflow boards 0

Map Multiple Statuses to Column in Workflow Board

In Jira, it is possible to map multiple statuses to a column within a Jira board. This functionality is not present in Aha! develop and there isn't a way to effectively have multiple workflow boards at this time without negatively impacting status...
I R about 6 hours ago in Workflow boards 0

Ability to import and bulk edit delivery risk data

We are working on standardisation of processes and would like the option to use the new delivery risks feature in Aha! The ability to export existing data and import it to the delivery risk text field (and set the risk toggle to true/false at the ...
Steve Dagless about 13 hours ago in Account settings 0 Planning to implement

Ignore ranking of completed / archived initiatives

Completed and archived (using the Time frame field) initiatives still seem to 'maintain' their rank for reporting purposes and can cause confusion when creating new initiatives and trying to view initiatives by rank in a dashboard / external repor...
Max O. 1 day ago in Strategy 0

Custom order of workspace in Ideas Portal

Hello, In addition to already implementing this feature (which I am not in conflict with), can you also add an option to allow users reorder the workspaces to the order they deem important? Workspaces in our business have different orders of impor...
Todd Materazzi 1 day ago in Ideas portal 0

Sort related view items by Rank

As a user I want the ability to sort related item table rows by Rank so that the highest priority related item is first in the list
Guest 1 day ago in Features 0

As a dashboard user, I should be able to sort Lists just like I can when accessing a stand-alone list.

Currently, if we add a List as a Panel in a dashboard, the sort function is not available. This is a loss of functionality when compared to working with a stand-alone List and is not the expected behavior for a user interacting with any form of Li...
David Barber 1 day ago in Roadmaps 0

Slow performance in EU

Half of our country is in EU-Central, and drilling down on ticket details shows a spinner for about 1-10 seconds, which inhibits productivity. Would like for it to be as responsive in EU as it is in US.
Guest 1 day ago in Application 1