Sort blanks in a list last, not first

I see a number of suggestions for enabling secondary sort or other ways to give sort order more finesse.  One very simple way would be to stop putting blanks at the top of sort order.  When I want to sort a least of features by release date, I really don't want the parking lot items at the top.  However, I don't want to filter them out either.  So, if the natural sort order didn't assume that blanks above populated items, that would solve my problem.

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  • Apr 1 2015
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    Chris Waters commented
    August 13, 2015 15:45

    It is now possible to sort by multiple columns. Also you can now filter out parking lots using the "Release settings" filter.

  • Brian Goleno commented
    March 02, 2016 23:54


    How is the marked as "Shipped"?

    I want to create one Prioritized Backlog List that contains backlog items that I have assigned to a release as well as back log items that are in the "Parking Lots" (which we consider the ordered backlog)

    However, When I create a Reports>List or an Epics>list that includes epics in releases and parking lots, then do a sort by (release date, then epic rank), all of the parking lot items show on top because there is no way to have a release date for parking lot, and the blanks are ordered above the ones with dates.  This causes lots of problems for us.

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    Ron Yang commented
    March 03, 2016 03:19

    Bgoleno - Thanks for the follow up note. We are taking a closer look at your note and will get back to you shortly.

  • Geoffrey Kim commented
    November 22, 2017 22:04

    Is this really shipped?  Would you be able to share how I can put features with blanks in the field at the bottom?