Display user activity (Last login & time spent in Aha!) to admin users

We have been adding users to the system. I would like to get a sense of user adoption. Is there a way once a user is created to be able to tell the last time, if ever, they logged in?

This information is really important for us to get a sense on where we need to focus our efforts on-boarding users into the system.

  • Suzanne Vaughan
  • Mar 7 2015
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Release time frame
  • Apr 25, 2017

    Admin Response

    This is now available for Enterprise+ customers. To have this enabled in your account or to learn more about upgrading to Enterprise+ please contact support@aha.io

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  • Pablo Antolín commented
    May 21, 2015 07:03

    Some basic analytics including also where the user has been (notes, release, features) and a heatmap would be of a great help too.

  • Joe Carpenter commented
    October 12, 2015 18:48

    in addition to the last time, it is *critical* that we see the length of time that they spent on the site.  Super important, especially at time of implementation.

  • Ravi Prasad commented
    April 29, 2016 00:31

    Considering we have a large user base, it would help to filter based on Licensed Users vs. All users. This dashboard would be valuable to include in our quarterly management reports/meetings. A simple summary table like User name, # logged in, # Epics, # Stories, # Releases for period of time would be great.... possibly sort it by column etc...

  • Joe Carpenter commented
    November 28, 2016 22:24

    Looking for a status update.  Thanks

  • Tom Paradis commented
    January 11, 2017 19:39

    We are also interested in this and would like to know where it stands with the internal development team.  Thanks!

  • Greg Edison commented
    April 14, 2017 16:59

    We would also like an update on the status of this feature.

  • Teicko Huber commented
    June 14, 2017 14:00

    Was this feature released with the ability to create a dashboard report for logins and time spent in Aha! ?