Associate a google drive folder to a product

It takes me too long to navigate through my google drive to link files. Here's some suggestions

1) Should be able to associate a product to a users google drive folder. this will reduce the clicks that a user has to go through EVERY time.
2) A default directory that the user starts with in Google Drive as opposed to the user's root.
3) An explorer view (or options) on how the files/folders are viewed in Google Drive.  for example by date/time


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  • Jan 29 2015
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  • James Naylor commented
    March 05, 2015 13:36

    The G Drive integration badly needs some kind of file explorer and search functionality. Without it, its not actually usable (for my team anyway). 

  • Guest commented
    August 07, 2016 00:31

    Just to add to this; it also creates some security concerns as others can attach and potentially navigate through folders.  I want to be able to lock down at a specific path as part of this feature request.