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enable enforcement of workflow state transitions as defined by the model. Merged

We are using the jira aha integration and recently discovered a problem maybe you can help with.


We have features mapped to epics in jira. In jira there is a specific work flow defined that is part of our SDLC. We created a parallel workflow for that in aha. How ever we have a user who changed a status of a feature/epic in aha and then subsequently got a cryptic error message regarding “status 10208” when they tried to send it to jira. We did some digging and found out that in aha there is no enforcement of transition from one status to another. Subsequently we when they make a status change that is not consistent with the workflow model the record fails to be sent to jira because it violates the state transition rules.


Is there any way to make aha follow the workflow model so that we don’t get these errors ( and/or make the errors more descriptive) and we can have integrity in our business process rules for progression of features/epics?


The problem is that the work flow is not obvious to the PO’s, given the UI. They think that any choice that is available on the UI is appropriate. I’ll try training them to only press the explicit buttons and not to use the drop down list box.


Even if we were not pushing this to jira which is the case sometimes. The workflow model would be more useful if it was enforced or better informed/represented by the UI. 


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  • Jan 11 2019
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