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Created on Dec 17, 2018

Include a legend in the starter roadmap

Include a legend in the starter roadmap that includes color codes and symbols (for initiatives, releases, etc.)

    Dec 18, 2018

    Thank you for your idea. There is currently a legend in starter roadmap exports when the roadmap is colored by type. The legend does not appear when colored by status since there could be multiple record types on the roadmaps all with different status workflows and color variations. We are unlikely to add the legend by status, but one way to handle this currently would be to export the roadmap to a notebook where you could manually create a legend.

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  • Guest
    Jan 27, 2020

    That is a really disappointing answer, and directly impacts the core value prop of Aha! roadmap sharing in the first place --- by suggesting that one now needs to do post-processing to embed it somewhere else and annotate it manually (!?!).   Managing color clashes is something that is easily accommodated (or not) by the roadmap owner/publisher during generation and workspace configuration.  Taking that choice away frankly doesn't hold water. Please don't try to "save users from themselves".