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Created by Guest
Created on Dec 11, 2018

Webhook Notifications from the User making the Change

Product Integrations are set-up by a system admin to run through a webhook. We used an Automated User account to set up the webhooks so it's not attributed to anyone specific but the feedback we get from users is that of frustration.

PMs want to see who is making changes to their tickets not "automated user" in the notifications. I also can't ask every user to go into the admin section & update EACH integration for EACH product to 'run as user'. We have 19 products & 20+ integrations. It's illogical to ask hundreds of users to do this. 

Most people turn off Aha! notifications in favor of JIRA notifications so we need the Webhook notifications to reflect whoever is actually making the change. 

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  • Guest
    Jun 14, 2021

    Would be great to get this feature - very confusing for the users.

  • Dorian C
    May 19, 2021

    Same here, we use Azure DevOps which has a feature to create things on behalf of a specific user, Aha could definitely implement this feature.

  • Cyril Bousquet
    Jul 15, 2020

    Same here, we need to be able to see the colleague who made the change or at least have the webhooks running under a different identity

  • Guest
    May 7, 2020

    Agree with the other comments. This is one of the most frustrating items because for our Product team, all the changes look like they are coming from our Director, who set up the Git integration. Another option would be to include an integration account that could be used for these purposes....anything except having it look like an actual colleague made changes to your features.

  • Guest
    Dec 6, 2019

    Same issue as the others. Not having the ability to see in the subject line of a notification who actually makes the changes  is incredibly inefficient and keeps us from using this tool more. Please expedite this as it has been inactive for a long time. 

  • Philip Cootey
    May 15, 2019

    We have this problem too.  We have also used the same solution as there is no other alternative.  I think ideally SSO could be used so that users don't have to be manually on-boarded or come up with different passwords for the two systems.  This would help identify the user who made the change on one system to the other.  You guys are the kings of integration.  I was surprised this hadn't been done.

  • Guest
    Jan 28, 2019

    My team experiences this frustration also.  We want to see who made the change, not the default webhook user.  We went to the trouble of adding all the Jira users as Aha! reviewers so they were known to Aha! hoping that would help.  Alas, it did not.  :(  

    Please make it possible for Aha! to note who actually made the Jira change.

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