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Restrict Specific Ideas to Employees and Partners Only Merged

Is it possible to create custom fields, such as sales/deal dependencies or customer situations and only have these visible to Employees and Partners in the Ideas Portal.

As it works now, we have enabled SSO and added our main domain to the Employees and Partners, which is great, because it allows us to give all our Customers access, but restrict some items to only our Employees, however we would like to enable our Employees to add additional information to an idea that is not visible to our Customers, such as my example above.

  • Richard Harrison
  • Jan 12 2015
  • Future consideration
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    Suzanne Vaughan commented
    March 22, 2015 13:03

    Hi -- I think what you're asking for is the ability to create custom fields that are only visible to Employees/Partners. Today, you could create custom fields to capture information like sales/deal dependencies and if an SSO user submitted the idea, it would be visible to Employee/Partners by default. But customers on that same idea portal would see these custom fields. Please clarify the specific ask.

    If you use Salesforce, you will soon be able to capture this by submitting ideas from Salesforce. 

  • Keith Bilafer commented
    October 20, 2015 15:05

    I think there's three ways to do this and we're struggling with this problem.



    We were thinking of using one portal to capture ideas from our customers, our partners and our internal users.  For our customers, there would be a pretty simplistic termplate.


    For our partners, who have a better understanding of our product and are selling to some set of our customers, we would want them to provide a bit more information, including the customer and potential size of the deal.  But, we wouldn't want those fields to show up for our customers.

    And for our internal users, we would expect them to provide a lot more information as they have a deeper understanding of the product.

    Since, this can't be done in one portal, we were thought to use three different portals, each with its own template.  But, the templates are attached to the Product, not the Portal, so that's out.


    So, then, it seems it's three portals to three products, so that the templates can be different.  But, that means managing three pools of ideas, some of which may end up being duplicates of each other.


    I like the idea of being able to specify types of accounts and then hooking custom fields to particular user types.