Provide "Release" as an option for the feature column data in the hierarchy report

Since features can be part of different releases than their master feature, it is very important to be able to show both releases on the same view in a hierarchy chart. 

We have master features which are part of a release. These master features contain multiple features, each from a different release. This is because we have several products which are released on different schedules but all need to ultimately work together to deliver a single solution (as outlined in the master feature). 

In the hierarchy report, I am able to show the release of the master feature. However, I cannot show the releases of the sub-features in the same view. 

I have been able to make a somewhat clunky work-around by creating a custom field called "release" on the features, and setting that field to be the same release as the feature release. So now there are two fields on the feature card called "release", but one of them is updated automatically and the other one is a custom field that I have to update manually. Doing this allows me to add column data in the hierarchy report and select the custom field. I wish "Release" was an option by default for the feature column data in the hierarchy report. 

  • Julia Doyle
  • Jun 4 2018
  • Future consideration
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