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Created by elizabeth schwartz
Created on May 15, 2018
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Solution for product scope item budgets that impact multiple teams Merged

Current State: for our product teams, we have scope items / initiatives with budgets that are being utilized by multiple technical teams. Team A gets $100k of the estimate, Team B gets $50k of the estimate and Team C gets $10k of the estimate. In our current estimate field for that scope item / initiative, $160k would be showing and in the description section we would list the teams and individual team budgets.

We are running into two problems with the current state:

Problem One, for reporting at the product level we are unable to see or filter by individual teams to see their budgeted amounts of the total. Hierarchy reports help with this so we can also show the tech asset level and how much of the total budget the team gets but that is the only report we can use currently.

Problem two:  We also run into issues when a team will have their individual budgeted amount changed and when they go to make Aha updates, it will be changed at the technical asset level but no one takes the manual step of changing the budget in the description of the scope item and then our funding is showing differently at the product level and technical asset levels.

Potential Solutions(we are open to ideas here): Custom field that has a name value pair to show the impacted technical asset and the estimated budget. For problem two, the functionality to link two fields and push changes between them.

    Apr 29, 2020

    Thank you for sharing this idea! We are excited to share that Enterprise+ customers can now set team-based estimates and visualize each team’s workload on the capacity report. This functionality includes the ability to estimate effort in cost.

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