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Created on Apr 19, 2018

Control how Estimates are converted and sent to TFS/VSTS

The default behaviour of how the TFS/VSTS integration sends time Estimates in minutes is very limiting.

I don't know any agile team that would be estimating Features or Requirements down to minutes, so it doesn't make sense for the integration to inflate an Estimate that has been entered in Aha! in hours, days or week, down to that level of detail.


I think there should be an integration setting that allows the user to dictate what VSTS/TFS Estimates (or 'Effort') are measured in, so it does a more realistic conversion.

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  • Guest
    Jul 4, 2019

    I agree, none of our teams work in minutes and this is very limiting - and the mandated minutes "currency" very confusing to those used to dealing with e.g. days.