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Created on Apr 5, 2018

More Flexible Pricing / Licensing

I as a subscriber want more flexible pricing so that I can get one base license for my enterprise that provides up to Review access for everyone for Todos and Commenting, along with one master user as the "Owner," and then allows additional paid licenses up to Contributor level access for people to manage Releases. This lets us manage work throughout the whole organization providing the appropriate level of access by role.

    Apr 9, 2018

    Thank you for your idea. Our current pricing model provides flexibility to do what you are asking. You can find more details on our plans here and user permissions here.

    The Enterprise and Enterprise+ plans include unlimited Reviewers and Viewers -- even if you have only a single paid seat. Additional paid seats (which can be used as Product owners and/or Contributors) can be added as needed.

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    Apr 10, 2018

    I am sorry, but the above response just is not true. Right now you have really just two tiers:

    - Enterprise / Enterprise +: at a very large cost per seat ($1200/year) for Contributor or Product owner status, plus unlimited people at the Viewer or Review roles; or

    - Premium: a lower (but still not cheap) price per seat ($720/year) with no other access available other than Notebooks

    What I think AHA should consider without brushing the suggestion off is to have a broader mix of licenses by level of access. So Enterprise + might give one Product Owner access plus enterprise-wide Viewer/Review access, while Contributor access would have another price per seat probably at the Premium or lower price. Insisting that all paid seats in an organization have the exact same level of access isn't scalable given that at least one person needs to be the Product Owner. I obviously would not take the time to give this sort of feedback if I didn't like your product, so I hope you consider it. Thank you.