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Status Unlikely to implement
Created by Jeremy Lawson
Created on Feb 22, 2018

Automate service account password updates for TFS integrations

Right now we have a TFS integration configured with Aha which requires us to use an AD service account for TFS.  This service account password needs to be manually added within Aha! however we have a policy that all our service accounts require passwords to be changed every 90 days and is done so automatically by a password management system.  

When this happens, our Aha! to TFS integration will fail until we manually update the Aha! configuration for that password.  This opens up risks for updates between our Aha and TFS features to not synchronize correctly during the window when this occurs and also requires manual efforts and time to update.  

We would like to have an API or some mechanism to automate the password update for this integration rather than requiring a user to log into Aha! and update through the web interface manually.

    Feb 28, 2018

    Thank you for your idea. We would recommend using integration templates to streamline the process of updating passwords for your integrations. Updating the template will automatically update all of the child integrations. Additionally, we recently added an enhanced integration for TFS which will remove the risk of updates not syncing when the password expires. With the new integration, any errors will be aggregated in the Integration updates window and can be resent once the password has been updated.

    Given these capabilities, we are unlikely to implement automatic password updates at this time. We hope you can understand.

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