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Categories Integrations
Created by Christian Stark
Created on Jan 29, 2018

Allow more than one Salesforce instance to connect to AHA

Usually before you roll out big changes to any Salesforce instance you test this in a Sandbox. We would however like the Salesforce Sandbox connection with AHA to continue to function to further test profile changes and their impact on the AHA connection. Plus the Sandbox idea portal now holds a bunch of bogus test ideas you don't want to expose to Production users.

So what we want is the ability to setup more than one idea portal which is possible today but connect each of these with a separate Salesforce instance.

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  • Krishikesh Kharat
    Jan 30, 2018

    This is must and should be taken into consideration immediately.


Allow more than one Salesforce instance to connect to AHA

One of the issues we struggle with is that we have 4 divisions and around 50+ paid AHA users managing +30 products using different development tools. Before we can roll out anything to production we need to ensure it has been tested and prototyped...
Christian Stark over 6 years ago in Application 0 Shipped