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Status Future consideration
Categories Mockups
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 12, 2017

Retrieve auto-saved mockups

I created an Idea and spent (too much) time working on a related mockup, and lost all my work when my computer restarted. :( Annoying since the mockup editor told me it was auto-saving changes along the way.

Are mockups not saved anywhere if the Idea is not yet created?


Steps to repro:

1. Click on New Idea button.

2. In the Create Idea popup modal, click "Create mockup".

3. Create sample mockup. Notice that as you work, the platform says "All changes are saved". (For extra good measure, also click the Save button in the top right, in the File menu, etc.)

4. Force quit your browser.

5. Log back into Aha!, notice no Idea is created yet (as expected) but mockup is entirely gone. :(

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