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Created on Aug 4, 2017
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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit APP-I-5433 Conditional forms on ideas portal.

Allow for dynamic form capabilities in the Ideas portal Merged

It would be great to add the ability to leverage dynamic in-form capabilities on the ideas portal. 

A great example of this would be but not limited to:

Does this request have a Hard Date? (Yes/No)

If the answer is "Yes", there would be a calendar view to select the date it needs to go live by.


This ability can extend to many more capabilities and would really drive the intake process to allow for the types in the Features/Master Features to be leveraged more as well.

  • Guest
    Apr 29, 2019

    I agree with Dave's comment - would be very helpful in improving backlog maintenance and avoiding redundancies or delays due to interpretations and customer clarification requests.

  • Dave Schleich
    Apr 29, 2019

    Could you add the ability to select New or Enhancement to the form?  Then if it is an Enhancement request to allow user to select original idea and pre-populate the fields from the original idea.

  • Laura Giles
    Sep 21, 2018

    I would like this to not just be selection driven but also user domain driven.

    ex: detect if employee & ask for customer name

  • Guest
    Sep 11, 2017

    Up to which point can you allow this form to be dynamic ?


    One example is some Ideas are submitted by Admins or people knowing a bit more about the system than the average user.  Allowing for dynamic field (ex. authorizationID) could allow displaying more specific fields, but then the problem is how to connect to the validation system?


    Food for thoughts...!


Enable dependencies between form fields

We would like to be able to build more dynamic ideas forms that only show certain fields to users depending on answers to previous questions.
Joseph Cassidy about 5 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped