Retain Filter throughout Hierarchy Report

*** Modified *** - After extensively working with the Hierarchy reporting, I realized that this isn't exactly what I want.  It is close, but what I really want is for each level of the Hierarchy to determine what is in the next level down.  The entire idea around a Hierarchy report is to show the hierarchy working from the top down to the bottom.  I am continually having to play with my filters at lower levels of the hierarchy searching for something that reflects the top level list of Initiatives being shown.  For the most part, this can be accomplished with cascading filters as described below, but in simpler terms, the report should only show items that are shown in the immediately preceding column of the hierarchy report.  I have the most trouble in columns that are two or three levels removed from the original column, but essentially being able to show only subsequent linked items based on the presence of an item in the preceding column would be enormously useful.  This could be a report level setting similar to the parking lot switch for releases when you filter by release settings with a checkbox for 'Enforce Hierarchy'.

*** End of Modification ***


Hierarchy reporting is a very useful Aha feature, but it would be significantly improved if you could set the Filter at the highest level of the Report and then automatically cascade that filter down the hierarchy levels rather than having to set the filter at each level.  Additionally, it would be great if you could do this at any level of the Hierarchy, not just the top level.


Highest Level Initiatives all show

Next Level Product Initiatives could be filtered to specific products

Next level Releases would then use the prior level Product Initiative filter to only show releases for those Product Initiatives.

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  • Jun 28 2017
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