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Created by Dan Pohlman
Created on Apr 6, 2017

Generate Powerpoint From Presentation

We currently use Generate PDF for our sales teams who do not want to jump out to a web page to show roadmaps to customers.  This is still cumbersome to them as they use Powerpoint as their primary tool for presenting to customers.  Also, they often times need native language and they find it easier to just have Powerpoint handle the translations.  With a worldwide sales force of several thousands this is something that would greatly help with productivity.

    Aug 4, 2021

    Thank you for your feedback on this idea. There is a Powerpoint add-in that allows you to show live Aha! views within a Powerpoint presentation.

    • In Aha!

      • Share a saved view as a webpage (learn more)

      • Copy the link to the webpage

    • In Powerpoint

      • Get Microsoft's Web Viewer add-in for Powerpoint (one-time install)

      • On a slide, go to Insert > Add-ins and select Web Viewer

      • In the URL field, paste the link to the shared webpage for your Aha! view

      • Notes:

        • Remove the extra https:// at the front of the link

        • Hide headers and footers with parameters at the end of the url like this example: ""

    Please let us know how this add-in works for you and if it solves your need for exporting presentations from Aha! to Powerpoint.

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  • Danielle Martinez
    Mar 24, 2022

    The add-in in by pass is not a great solution as every member would need to coordinate the add-in for their workspaces. We need the capability to export to a PPT. This will allow for easier sharing (across the org & customers). It will also allow us to import our company template, which is currently a feature Aha! does not have.

  • Victoria Morrella
    Aug 6, 2021

    Unfortunately, this workaournd cannot work within our enterprise corporate environment as a shared public webpage does not sit behind our SSO walls, so anyone with this link has access to our data. We disabled shared webpage to all of our Aha instances.

  • Daniel Pokrývka
    Aug 6, 2021

    Heh .. this is the issue. I guess this has to be part of the "how to">

    Control whether Aha! saved views or notes can be shared as public webpages and accessed by anyone who knows the secure URL.

    I am afraid, that in corporate environment, not being able to share secured webpages, is kind of not helping much at all :-(

  • Daniel Pokrývka
    Aug 5, 2021

    Hi, yes, I can assure you I used a proper URL.

  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes
    Aug 5, 2021

    Hi, Daniel. Did you use the url for your report's shared webpage? You can find it by going to this menu.

  • Daniel Pokrývka
    Aug 5, 2021

    Hi.. I am getting this: " refused to connect."

  • Dan Pohlman
    Aug 4, 2021

    While this work around may work for some this doesn't solve the problem. We have Sales reps that need to be able to show Roadmaps to a customer via Powerpoint. The reps are not always able to connect to the internet when they are at customer site. We need the capability for a Powerpoint generation just like is possible with PDF.

  • Chris Stocker
    Aug 4, 2021

    Agree with all the points below, as we need to ensure its in our corporate Template, and Management does not want any Views Published to a Web Link even if they are password protected.

  • Jonathan Bier
    Aug 4, 2021

    I don't want the report name and the "last updated". You are only removing part of the header. I also don't want the power by Aha!/Login footer. They take valuable space.

    Basically its using the same fonts whether I put in an Aha presentation, web pages, and PPT, but each of those containers has different sizes and formatting becomes problematic. This also means providing Aha permissions to everyone who would use PPT since I don't want anonymous pages since it's a security risk.

    I would really prefer the ask which is a static export to PPT.

  • Rick Gouse
    Aug 4, 2021

    Thanks for the offer to implement the Plug-In, however, we have decided not to allow our Views to be published as Web Pages. No way we want our Roadmaps to be published in such an unprotected manner. We covet our IP and what we are working on next. Allowing presentations that Sales Folks, and others (No Offence) share with Prospects with Roadmap links in them is not an option for us. We can "Protect" documents with non-disclosures, etc, but would not be able to control access to the web pages outside of the presentation. So, we will continue to desire a View to PPT option.

  • Guest
    Jul 12, 2021

    Totally agree, a PDF is to rigid. Having the flexibility to add a presentation to existing corporate ppt template is the most efficient way to go.

  • Guest
    Jul 6, 2021

    Agree with the other voters. Our best case scenario at the moment is run Aha! reports with all the release details, export them to Excel, and manually copy / paste over to PowerPoint. This manual step is becoming a blocker for our PM teams as the manual roadmap maintenance effort they were supposed to be done with by leveraging Aha! is now required again and it doesn't do much to justify our investment into the application.

  • Amanda Chan
    Jun 14, 2021

    Our organization also uses Power Point extensively, both internally and externally. We really like the ability to share views, like a Roadmap pivot table, from Aha! as a “live” webpage, but our teams also want to incorporate this into their presentations. Today, when we export to PNG or take a screenshot of the pivot table and insert the image into PowerPoint, the font is a bit small. (I notice that I can change the color of cell text in Aha! pivot tables but not the cell text size.) It would be great if we can have more control of how pivot tables are exported to PowerPoint and other common third-party presentation tools. Thanks.

  • Jyothirmayi Talaparthy
    May 5, 2021

    Have the ability to import & export data from/to MS ppt files to build presentations oN Aha will be very helpful for PM teams to adopt Aha. Else they will have to maintain two sources of information and keeping them in sync will be a challenge.

  • Tomer
    Apr 21, 2021

    is there any progress with this? Clients really want us to export PowerPoint decks out of presentations. There is no adequate exporting mechanism. It’s not for replacing Aha, it’s just for being able to visualize things the way the industry expects.

  • Jason Miller
    Apr 1, 2021

    This is really too bad. Enabling export to PPTX would let me use this stuff in proposal work, executive briefings, and/or present on secure systems, which I just can’t do with the native Aha! presentation system. Exporting to PDF is a pretty bad solution because it will embed at questionable quality and can’t be animated properly.

    Having to flip out of PowerPoint to Aha! is kludgy at best: I have to interrupt the current presentation, move to something that has no support for note pages or something similar to PowerPoint’s Presenter View, then move back to the original presentation. My alternative is a PDF that won’t visually match the look and feel of the rest of my presentation (e.g., branding), even assuming it looks decent in the first place.

    Using Aha!'s presentation system is also a major potential security breach. We’re a government contractor; if we’re inside particular firewalls, we simply can’t access this stuff. And even if we could, Compliance would throw a fit because it isn’t internally controlled and reviewable. Information security is sacrosanct, and Aha! is forcing me to introduce a vulnerability if I’m to use their tool.

    Updating the slide artifacts automatically is great … except that presentations typically don’t need up-to-the-minute accuracy. (In fact, that could be counterproductive and force a rewrite of my presentation, like if I’m not ready to reveal a feature’s completion!) It’s not hard to print the artifacts’ new versions and integrate them. But this shouldn’t be necessary and it’s a lot of additional manual labor. It astounds me that we couldn’t just, say, sync it with a secure O365 connection. The updated artifacts would just pipe themselves into my presentation on server refresh or on demand.

    Lots of people here seem to agree with me. The comments in this ticket supplement what I’m saying. It’s disappointing that four years on, Aha! still hasn’t implemented this crucial feature.

  • Aaron Gries
    Mar 12, 2021

    Agree with all the points below. This is a vital feature if Aha! is to be used in any enterprise capacity. Taking screen shot images and cutting and pasting them into ELT and BoD decks is not a viable option and the tedious manual effort to this is highly frowned upon by our leadership team. The presentation format is virtually unusable in any corporate capacity. We use standardized, collaborative, branded decks (using Google Slides, which is exported to PPT for BoD review). Without the ability to export into a branded PPT or G-Slide template, we have to try to piece information together through screenshots of the various parts needed for executive review. This is not sustainable and leadership has requested we seek a more automated alternative. We recently invested in building out our Aha! instance, but this is increasingly becoming a blocker to getting ELT support for Aha! as none will use it if they cannot easily export content into their department's BoD decks. Without ELT support, we'll have to look into other tools roadmap tools that do provide this functionality. I'm hoping this can be moved forward on Aha's roadmap to sometime in 1H21 or at latest Q3. If we don't have this functionality before the FY22 planning and roadmapping cycle, there will be a growing interest to look into a new tool for roadmap planning that does include this (very basic) functionality.

  • Annemieke Hytinen
    Dec 17, 2020

    Our leadership has asked time and again to be able to take an Aha! roadmap for example and add it to an existing PPT presentation. Not having this functionality greatly hinders getting full support for Aha! from our senior leadership team. We still have to do a lot of manual work which is very much frowned upon.

  • Guest
    Apr 8, 2020

    Agree! We need to have the ability to export to ppt. This is an important feature like exporting data to excel. This should not take anything way from Aha's roadmapping capabilities. On the contrary will enhance it by allowing the PMs to manage the presentations in Aha and export as & when needed for presentations.

  • Daniel Pokrývka
    Dec 10, 2019

    Hello, we have to be able to use ppt presentations (several reasons).

    So what is an option here for us is exporting to pdf/image and pasting it into ppt. Which is cumbersome as aha can not paginate the reports to a specified size without cutting the report in an ugly way (e.g. in a middle of a row in case of A4 pdf report).

    Another option is to use some screenshotting/screencutting tools and pasting the result into ppt manually, then resizing the picture, and as a consequence distorting the graphics / quality.

    Let's not forget the export to excel option. First of all, it would not be valid to all reports (probably just pivot/list report). Secondly.. it solves the issue of image distortion mentioned in cut&paste scenario as you can adjust size and actually split the content without pagination need, however this takes even more time.

    As a product manager, I understand the concept of giving you a well described problem instead of a solution, however let me envision ideal functionality for us.

    (1) aha can export presentation slides into ppt slides with proper quality of reporting and sensible sizing of texts and pagination technique; ideally all configurable (text size, slide size, margins, etc.).

    Or (2) aha can paginate its own slides in presentations based on predefined slide size, so that larger reports can be split into multiple pages without manual user effort using external snipping tools and exported separately (manual pasting into ppt remains, but step 1 achieved).

    P.S. Someone mentioned here that most companies use ppt as standard presentation medium, definitely within sr management, and that for an enterprise tool, ability to export into ppt is an important feature. Agreed.

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