Generate Powerpoint From Notebook

We currently use Generate PDF for our sales teams who do not want to jump out to a web page to show roadmaps to customers.  This is still cumbersome to them as they use Powerpoint as their primary tool for presenting to customers.  Also, they often times need native language and they find it easier to just have Powerpoint handle the translations.  With a worldwide sales force of several thousands this is something that would greatly help with productivity.

  • Dan Pohlman
  • Apr 6 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Klaus Henn commented
    September 06, 2018 07:25

    I think that's a great improvement. Most of the larger companies are using Powerpoint for their standard presentation tool and it is really very cumbersome to convert all the PDFs into PPT slides. Actually, when I see the time stamp for this idea it goes back to Apr 2017. I wonder why it takes so long to deliver such a great improvement to your Enterprise customers??? ;-)

  • Chris Stocker commented
    October 06, 2018 23:46

    In addition having the Roadmap in PowerPoint allows you to perform some tweaks that may be needed for a specific customer presentation without the need for recreating the entire roadmap.

  • Laura Bednasz commented
    25 Jan 17:42

    It's really too bad you are roadmapping this into the future.  This will unfortunately push us further away from our continued desire to use aha to brief our executive team and more toward other tools.

  • Jonathan Bier commented
    03 Jun 13:30

    The PDF export is weak given that it doesn't scale and if I'm off-site with a client I wouldn't want to rely on Aha access to present.  PPT export would also make merging non-Aha slides with Aha based slides very easy for Product Management.  

  • Karen Owens commented
    21 Aug 19:25

    Love the product and ease of use.  However more than PDF, PowerPoint should be a priority.

  • Sallie St Laurent commented
    23 Sep 18:52

    I know my internal stakeholders should be fully capable of clicking on a live web link and reading a roadmap, but they are unfortunately still very PPT-focused. Being able to export an image is great, but it doesn't size correctly for usage in PPT, so I'm current recreating a chart and managing updates in two place. PLEASE allow me to save a notebook to PPT or export roadmaps to a PPT slide.