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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created on Mar 31, 2017

JIRA and Aha synchronized numbering

We understand that the IDs in AHA and JIRA are meant to be treated as separate IDs without a true association between the two systems. However our workflow allows us to use the same IDs in both systems, assuming we enter them in the same order. However, the AHA integration with JIRA queries for issues to synchronize in reverse chronological order, which screws up the ordering between the two systems. Is there a way to ingest data from Jira in the same order it was created, thus allowing the IDs to be the same?

    Apr 28, 2017

    Thank you for the idea. We don't sync the IDs since there are many different ways for items to be added which would through off the sequence. However, you do currently have a good bit of control over how items are created in JIRA, if you start the process in Aha! as recommended here.

    When items are pushed from Aha! to JIRA, they are created in JIRA based on their priority order in Aha! So you could keep the sequence close by creating items in Aha! in priority order, then sending the entire prioritized release to JIRA. Though the potential for new items breaking the sequence would still exist as noted above.

    Given the issue described above and current priorities we are unlikely to implement this request at this time.

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