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Categories Strategy
Created by Tom Beck
Created on Mar 22, 2017

Filter goals and initiatives by more than one attribute

As a Product Manager, I would like filtering across Aha! to be consistent, not different depending on what I'm trying to filter.

In strategy (initiatives and goals), I can only filter by one status category Or one status OR one time frame.

In releases (overview), I can filter by a wide variety attributes across initiatives, goals, releases, and products.  They show across the top of the page.

In features, I can filter by a wide variety attributes but they show as a hidden drop-down list.

In ideas, I can filter by a wide variety attributes but they show as a row across the top of the page.

At a minimum, I sure wish I could filter my initiatives by more than one attribute. There's no work around for that short of creating a report.

    Jan 26, 2024

    We have added enhanced sorting and filtering options for goals and initiative details pages.

    • You can now filter by any data point connected to goals or initiatives

    • You can also sort your initiatives by Name, Rank, Status, or Timeframe

    Additionally, we've made it possible to customize your goal and initiative cards and added support for expanded and collapsed views.

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  • Matt Grover
    Nov 8, 2018

    I agree with the needs for consistency noted above, and will also emphasize the merged idea "Ability to add a filter on the goals screen". I can create a report but a filtered "quadrant" view is what we need.


Filter in Initiatives

Need the ability to filter Initiatives by more types than Status and Timeframe.
Guest 12 months ago in Strategy 1 Shipped

Add a filter by goal on initiative screen

Would be appreciated to be able to filter and view initiative by goal on the initiative screen.
Youen Chéné about 9 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Search box for Initiatives

On Initiatives page, It does not scale well, when we have many initiatives on the page. A Filter on those (by using a search query) can help. I see tat filter is provided by TYPE or TIMEFRAMES. But Search by Name pattern will trump it all! I use b...
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Ability to add a filter on the goals screen

We assign an owner to a goal using a custom field, it would be great if we could be able to filter on goal attributes and custom fields so the view can be customized by user
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I would like to be able to filter on Goals on a custom field which defines the team the Goal is related to - this is in particular to Product Line

The BU Goals are particular to one of 5 Strategy teams in the organization. I need to be able to filter on the goals by strategy team which would be identified in a custom field. Right now the Senior leadership team does not know which Goal is for...
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Please could you add a filter on Initiative and Goal name?

Hi, we are using the initiatives and goals within one workspace to keep info about modules and applications (we use alternative terminologies within this workspace). Because we have a lot of modules and applications, the list of initiatives and go...
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Filters to the initiative chart view

We have custom fields on our epics that indicate different value streams so it would be ideal to have the ability to apply filters to narrow the display
Natasha Venter almost 4 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

View Initiatives from multiple workspaces in Initiatives Graph

Current Initiatives graph view can only show Initiatives from the current workspace. If multiple levels of workspace are used, then it isn't possible to visually manipulate effort/value on the same view.
Mark Gerrard almost 4 years ago in Strategy 1 Shipped

Add a GOAL filter to the Initiatives 'card' list page

I have a lot of initiatives in my list that are associated to a few goals. when i'm ordering them, i'm ordering them within a goal and it's getting difficult to view/manage. It would be great if I could order/review/manage the cards by goal as i d...
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User configured Initiative filter by status

Please add a filter option like that seen on other list views. User clicks "Filter" - checks the status values to be viewed, clicks okay. Click X to remove filter. The existing 'canned' filters are too course.
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Filter on the Initiatives Details Screen

Our Initiatives list is very long. We need the ability to filter down the list of initiatives when looking at the main Details view type. From the main navigation, Strategy -> Initiatives. When in the "Details" view type, add ability to filter ...
Ashley Powell over 3 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Filter iniatives to only show not started and in-progress

I only want to show initiatives that are not start or in-progress. Currently, I can only show one or the other.
Shawn Pons over 6 years ago in Features 0 Shipped