Option to sync fields to Rally upon creation only

When creating a record in Rally there are certain items that should be populated upon creation but not synced with subsequent updates.

For example, currently when creating or updating a record in Rally, Portfolio items are ordered based on their corresponding rank in Aha! which is determined by their sort order in the Features -> Board view. This is done by using the rankAbove/rankBelow parameter in Rally.

Changes to the rank in Rally are not reflected back into Aha! The problem that is introduced is that Engineering will sometimes need to change the order based on feature synergies or other considerations. However, if a feature is updated in Aha! and re-synced with Rally, it ends up resorting the Features in Rally back to the same original ranked order, undoing Engineering's changes. 

If changes to the rank in Aha! were not sent to Rally this would resolve the issue.

  • Matt Case
  • Mar 21 2017
  • Likely to implement
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