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Categories Rally
Created by Deirdre Clarke
Created on Feb 27, 2017

For Rally integrations, support "Create matching releases in all child projects" when creating new releases

When creating a new release in Rally today, there is the ability to choose "Create matching Releases in all child projects" (see screenshot attached) to automatically create child releases to automatically assign to multiple teams within a Rally project. 

The request is to provide this option to not only send a new release in general from Aha! to Rally but to also provide the option to also automatically choose 'Create matching Releases in all child projects". This would then also create the child/sub releases like customers already have the ability to do today.

    Feb 27, 2019

    Features are sometimes moved from one project to another in your development system by the engineering team. Now with our Jira and Rally integrations you can ensure they remain up to date no matter what project they end up in. While sending a release will not automatically create the matching release in each child project, the core use case here of being able to keep the sync updated as records are moved to child projects will now work as requested.

    Check out the blog post to learn more.

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Aha! - Rally integration, support for Child projects at init release creation and related updates

Dear Aha ! team, With the present "Rally Integration", we are lacking the support the keep Releases in sync over child projects. Many (all) our Releases have child projects. Since we started to adopt Aha! as "master" of releases and corresponding ...
Bert Van der Linden almost 7 years ago in Rally 0 Shipped