Idea portals should be able to inherit configuration from a root idea portal

We have three types of product:

  1. Enterprise - customers typically have multiple products and they get them through an ELA
  2. Portfolio - customers typically have one or more products from a portfolio or family of products
  3. Standalone - the product and the customer base are standalone.

I want these customers just to see the products that relate to them

All of of the configuration of the idea portal is the same across all of these (branding, custom Javascript, SSO, etc..), what changes is the products within the portal, the portal's name and the portal's CNAME url.

So just as Feature settings can inherit configuration from within a hierarchy and then over-ride locally then so should Idea portals. This means we just configure the Corporate stuff once and then configure the idea portal specific stuff such as Name/Description, Contained Products and CNAME URL.

I would want to be able to define the URL as a sub-context of the root idea portal CNAME, so

  • Enterprise:
  • Portfolio:
  • Standalone:
  • Roger King
  • Feb 8 2017
  • Likely to implement
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