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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 26, 2017
Merged idea

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Enable displaying multiple capacity lines per release Merged

I'd like to be able to add multiple capacity lines for a release, to designate various values (my team uses a 95% line, 50%, 25%, etc). This will help me to quickly see how far over capacity a given release is and whether or not we _have_ to move things out or whether we can "stretch" to achieve it.

  • Ryan Thiessen
    Jan 27, 2017

    Would be great to set the number of devs we have on a product\ release and there weekly capacity to either calculate the total capacity based on release date or estimate the release date based on remaining effort.

    Not sure if this is completely related, I can move to a new idea if this distracts from the original idea.