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Filter that only selects items to exclude, not include Merged

This is just one of many examples:

- Have features assigned to several Releases e.g. Jan, Feb, March...

- In Features -> List, create a new 'view', with a Filter for 'Release Name'

- Select all releases except 'January' (this is part of the problem, as you must select each release you want to include, not the 1 release you want to exclude)

- Create a new release e.g. for the next month...April


 - Features I add to the April release are included in my view


 - My view doesn't include these features as, by default, the April release isn't selected in my filter 


Whenever I add a new option to any field, I have to remember to go and select that new option to be included in every view that has a filter on that field. 

  • Sam Giligich
  • Jan 4 2017
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