Make images uploaded inside your Aha! instance available at the Initiative level, so I can reuse images in Features and Requirements


If I am creating an Initiative, with multiple features and requirements, I often want to include the images uploaded to an Initiative inside related Features and Requirements.

This practice allows me to clearly describe the features at a top level (Initiative) and implementation level (Feature/Requirement) so all stakeholders know what I expect from the Initiative.


What is frustrating is that each Initiative/Feature/Requirement container is considered an isolated source in Aha!. Any images that are stored in one container are not available at the organisation level. Not even the Initiative level. 

Proposed Solution

At a minimum, make images uploaded at the Initiative level available down the hierarchy tree below it. I should be able to include any images I've added to an Initiative in a Feature or Requirement. 

Ideally, images added to any Initiative should become part of an "Asset Library" for your overarching Organisation so that anyone can re-use approved design assets or mockups across the business.


I've set this to "Yesterday" as it is a real productivity sink for me. I have to download all my images and upload them to each feature every time, rather than being able to select them from the previously uploaded images.

It must also have a storage cost on your servers that could be avoided if you made the images one-to-many rather than one-to-one like they are at the moment.

  • Jared Morgan
  • Dec 27 2016
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